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Fupower custom air intake Project


Project Overview and Building Profile:

Fupower colt revel in our outstanding customer service and extensive product development program and currently offer and support many different kinds of products, like titanium exhausts, stainless exhausts, aluminum air intakes, performance power filters, and prefilters, aluminum intercoolers, aluminum radiators, aluminum catch cans, water box, different parts all custom make service.

Project timeline: April 2023

Products We Offer: Custom exhaust system, mufflers, downpipes, cat back, custom upgrade air intakes, performance oversized intercoolers, enlarger fuel gas tanks, oil catch can, silicone hoses, silicone tubes for turbo, intercooler, radiator, coolant, heater, air intake, air charge, blow off valve and so on.

Application Scope: Customized transformation of auto parts

Services We Offer: Fupower are 100% custom service for your work.

Drawing Or Sample, Custom Exhaust Pipes, Custom Silicone Tubes, Custom Intercoolers, Custom Prefilters.

Requirement: Customers want to produce products in a variety of colors, in order to improve the competitive force of the product, we are required to produce ten colors of the product, order number 50pc.

Specific requirements: Ten different colors of air hose, respectively, black, white, gray, red, green, fluorescent green, blue, yellow, orange and purple.  The price should be competitive, delivery time is 30 days.

Challenge: Requires accurate installation without error.

Suggestion: It is recommended to produce 10 black and five other colors,so that the product surface is rich, can provide customers with A variety of choices, competitiveness A+.

Solution: Use 3D printing to make finished products, ensure installation accuracy, arrange multiple workers for welding to ensure its delivery date, do four kinds of surfaces, baking blue, baking purple, baking gold and polishing, high welding technology, beautiful surface welding.

Partial Product


Final completion

Fupower custom titanium Mid Y Pipe Project
Fupower custom titanium intake Kit Project
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