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Tig welding
Titanium/stainless steel/aluminum. Air intakes, Exhaust system, intercooler, turbo pipes, catch cans.
Silicone tubes
Handmade wrapping performance silicone hoses Ford, GMC, Dodge, BMW, Nissan, truck, car, atv, utv, turbo boost tube, boost tube, interdobler tube, radiator tube, air intake tube, clutch tubes, silicone couplers.
Air fitler and prefilter
Exhaust Heatblanket /heatshiled
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We have professional production technology

Fupower is a professional manufacturer in research & development, production and sales of auto performance parts exhaust system, air intake system, cooling system, engine performance parts since 2008. our production facility focusses on: tig welding works, silicone tubes work, prefilter and air filters, cnc matching works.

Laser Cutting

Fupower specializes in using different types of lasers cutting methods for cutting different materials. Since the laser beam does not wear out during processing, it is more accurate and has several advantages such as high cutting speed, parallel cutting and all-round cutting.

Mandrel Bent Pipe

We have bending machines to meet different radius pipe even 1D pipe can be easily made. For titanium exhaust pipes, air charge pipes, turbo pipes, and components.

Accurate Cutting

Our dedicated team of welders and fabricators cut, weld, shape, roll, shear and form steel, in order to provide you with a customized products meet your needs.


Fupower can use mechanically operated punch presses to make multiple usable parts from a single piece of material. Our highly skilled team of fabricators can produce exhaust of the highest finish and quality.


Our products will be cleaned by special personnel to ensure that they are clean, beautiful, hygienic, functional and safe.


Polishing creates a smooth and glossy surface for exhaust components such as titanium exhausts pipes, charge pipes, exhaust mufflers, exhaust downpipes, exhaust header, and mid pipes.


"The whole is greater than the sum of the parts" Each part of a product has its own role and only when they are put together correctly can they fulfill their true purpose, and we in the assembly process ensure that each component is in its proper place, doing its specific job, to contribute to the overall function of the final product.

Full welding

Fupower have a wide range of welding tools available for both manual and robotic welding of different radiators. In addition, we have TIG welding lines for aluminum pipes, 304 stainless steel exhaust pipes and alloy radiator products

Quality Check

Fupower Company has a complete production team of individuals who work hard to create high quality items that are meant to last, Durability is a top focus and our employees have been trained to ensure they know exactly what needs to be done to produce all of the products that we have available.


We design and select suitable packaging materials for products to customize packaging to ensure the safety of products during transportation.


Fupower have 3 manufacturing facilities for exhausts, silicone tubes, and prefilters. The existing production plant is about 53819 sq ft, with more than 50 employees. Welcome to visit us anytime!

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Fupower Auto Parts Manufacturer was founded in 2014 as a solution to provide custom exhaust systems, custom air intakes, and custom prefilters.
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Company address: Room 806, Building 17, 2255 Yueluo Road, Shanghai, China
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