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Tig welding
Titanium/stainless steel/aluminum. Air intakes, Exhaust system, intercooler, turbo pipes, catch cans.
Silicone tubes
Handmade wrapping performance silicone hoses Ford, GMC, Dodge, BMW, Nissan, truck, car, atv, utv, turbo boost tube, boost tube, interdobler tube, radiator tube, air intake tube, clutch tubes, silicone couplers.
Air fitler and prefilter
Exhaust Heatblanket /heatshiled
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about Fupower 

Fupower colt was founded in 2014 as a solution to provide custom exhaust system, custom air intakes, and custom prefilters. The existing production plant is about 53819 sq ft, with more than 50 employees.

Our customers are mainly from America, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy and many other contrary, and more than 1,000 U.S. customers. we have 3 manufacturing facilities for exhausts, silicone tubes, and prefilters. These parts can be used for truck diesel ford, dodge, cars Subaru, Audi, BMW, utv, atv Polaris and can-am, snowmobile, atv Yamaha, sea doo, and other racing parts.   

Professional customer service
We revel in our outstanding customer service and extensive product development program and currently offer and support many different kinds of products, like titanium exhausts, stainless exhausts, aluminum air intakes, performance power filters, and prefilters, aluminum intercoolers, aluminum radiators, aluminum catch cans, water box, different parts all custom make service!

Our staff is second to none in knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy and we take great pride in providing you with the best possible experience. Hope to work with your company.

Our Advantage

Choose us, and we promise to do everything needed to ensure a successful and satisfactory working partnership. The 8 reasons set out below will give you an insight into our advantages.

We are a professional OEM manufacturer
We have experienced engineers and quality control team as our strong backing.
high quality
High quality, quick response is our mission.
Technical Support
Professional technical support
delivery time
Good delivery time
Strict quality control process
Rich experience in mould design and production.
ISO/ERP system guarantee.
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our team

Since establishment in 2008, our company has grown to more than 50 members. Our team has professional R & D personnel and production personnel, and also has a team specializing in quality check. Our team culture is based on openness, collaboration and innovation, advocating respect for individual differences, stimulating the potential of the team, and jointly challenging and exceeding the set goals.

In the face of future opportunities and challenges, we will continue to deepen professional technology, optimize the service system, keep up with the development trend of the industry, and strive to provide customers with more efficient and better service.


Fupower Company has a complete production team of individuals who work hard to create high quality items that are meant to last. Durability is a top focus and our employees have been trained to ensure they know exactly what needs to be done to produce all of the products that we have available. We take pride in our work and so does each and every one of the employees within our Production Department.

Social responsibility

The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.

Strict quality control
We follow international standards such as ISO, establish a sound quality management system, from raw material procurement, manufacturing to finished product inspection, each link carries out strict quality control, to ensure the supply of safe, reliable, high-quality auto parts products, to protect the life and property safety of consumers.
24-hour customer service hotline
We set up 24-hour customer service hotline and online service platform to answer consumers' questions in time, deal with after-sales problems, and improve customer satisfaction.
Environmental protection equipment and technology
We actively introduce environmental protection equipment and technology, optimize the production process, reduce energy consumption and waste emissions. We actively participate in the construction of auto parts recycling system, encourage consumers to participate in the recycling of used parts, through professional treatment, to achieve resource recycling, reduce environmental pollution.
Protection of labor rights and interests
We strictly abide by the labor law, provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment, reasonable arrangement of working hours, guarantee their right to rest and vacation, pay wages on time and in full, and prohibit any form of discrimination and exploitation.
Corporate vision

Our mission is to be the premier manufacturer by providing best-in-class customer service and superior asset quality/value. We will provide a competitive advantage to our partners and a superior value to our customers.

Become an innovation leader in the global auto parts industry We unswervingly pursue technological innovation, continue to increase R&D investment, attract and train top scientific research talents, and develop core technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights.
We adhere to the "quality-oriented, service first" business philosophy, we strictly follow the international quality standards, from raw material procurement, manufacturing to after-sales service, every link is excellence, to ensure that the performance of every factory product is stable, safe and reliable.
We pay attention to listening to customer needs, providing personalized and customized auto parts solutions, as well as rapid response, professional and thoughtful after-sales service, to win customers lasting trust and satisfactory reputation.
We advocate the establishment of long-term and stable partnerships with suppliers to jointly promote the green transformation of the supply chain and contribute to the construction of a sustainable global automotive ecosystem.
We are committed to shaping a people-oriented, respect for individuals, encourage innovation, shared growth of the corporate culture, to provide employees with a broad career development platform, competitive compensation and benefits, perfect talent training mechanism and harmonious working environment.
To fulfill our social responsibility, we actively participate in the formulation of industry standards, promote the development of industry norms, and contribute to the construction of a fair, just and transparent market environment.
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Fupower Auto Parts Manufacturer was founded in 2014 as a solution to provide custom exhaust systems, custom air intakes, and custom prefilters.
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Contact number: 0086-18721636174
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Company address: Room 806, Building 17, 2255 Yueluo Road, Shanghai, China
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